eMuseum Southeast Asia Ceramics

Founding President’s Preface

Alvin Chia
President (2007-2011)

In Nov 2009, the Southeast Asian Ceramics Society (SEACS) marked its 40th anniversary with the launch of an exhibition entitled New Light on Old Pottery and a book of the same name.

Those who had visited the exhibition were certainly made aware of the growing significance of Southeast Asian ceramics in understanding the collective cultures of the region.  It inspired the society at exploring and finally embarking upon an idea of perpetuating the exhibition through a virtual medium, and hence the introduction of this e-museum.The e-museum preserves the exhibition’s content for the benefit of those who could not get the chance to see it before. It also allows the opportunity for new contents to be added as our knowledge of the subject increases. Once on-line, it reaches out to scholars and enthusiasts on an international scale.
Our hope for this e-museum is to continue instilling interest to a growing generation of people who should find that old ceramics and potteries are an intimate and fascinating study.