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What is as eMuseum?

This e-museum is a virtual collection of rare objects that piqued the curiosity of visitors to Southeast Asian Ceramic Society’s groundbreaking exhibition in 2009. With no permanent physical home, that exhibition is preserved in book form, the Society’s publication “New Light on Old Pottery”.

This is our vision of the future, a “museum without walls” — an interactive and immerse experience, enhanced and extended by additional information, photos and links that, in the world before the Internet, you had to look for on your own in libraries and museums.

This website is supported under the National Heritage Board’s Heritage Industry Incentive Programme (HI2P).

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Founding President’s Preface
Our hope for this eMuseum is to continue instilling interest to a growing generation of people who should find that old ceramics and potteries are an intimate and fascinating study

Foreword by Professor John Miksic
The next step forward in the Society’s endeavour to expand awareness of this blend of unique technology and art is this eMuseum

“The eMuseum will make available many more images of Southeast Asian ceramics than can be published in conventional printed form. We hope that as a result, more people will come to appreciate this important facet of Southeast Asian culture.”

– John Miksic